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Housing Assistance Information For Low-Income Individuals & Families

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  • Housing Assistance & Grant Programs
  • Eviction & Foreclosure Help
  • Ways To Save On Rent & Utilities
  • Low-Income Home Loan Programs
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Home Financial Information

A variety of guides and articles for housing related financial subjects. Here are a few examples of the information you will find in this section.

  • Low-Income Home Loans

    Low income loan programs help ensure that all Americans can afford a home. Get introduced to a variety of programs, learn the basic loan types, benefits and things to watch out for.
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  • Rent-To-Own Housing Options

    Rent-to-own is not a highly publicized option, but for savvy home-buyers that can connect with willing home owners it can be worth the effort. This article will introduce you to some of the basics.
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  • HUD Homes Information

    Learn more about the "HUD Homes" program how it allows buyers the opportunity to purchase a home for as much as 10-50% below average market value.
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Voucher Program Information

Learn more about these assistance programs through our articles and guides below.

  • Section 8 Eligibility Information
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  • Section 8 Application Information
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  • Vouchers For Disabled & Family Unification
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  • Rural Voucher Program Information
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Housing Help Guides & Information

This section covers a plethora of subjects like public housing, help for dealing with a bad landlord and the topics below.

  • Grant Programs for Housing

    Review program details, eligibility information and application requirements for a variety of federal, state and private grant programs for low-income families and individuals.
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  • Housing Help for the Disabled

    Learn more about the Americans With Disabilities Act and available public and private programs. Get connected to ways to apply for these programs and the process involved.
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  • Eviction Assistance Programs

    Don't panic, understand the process, know both your rights and the rights of your landlord. Here we will provide information on how to take actionable steps to improve your eviction situation.
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