About Us

Low-Income-Housing-Help.com provides information and educational resources designed to help people identify and use government and private housing assistance programs and to manage common housing issues. We serve low-income homeowners, renters, and homeless people by linking them to information on common housing-related problems and the programs that can help them manage those problems.

The housing issues affecting low-income Americans are a matter of national concern, and federal, state, and local governments, along with a range of private organizations, have developed programs to assist those who need help. Still, many of those who most need help do not get it, often because they have trouble locating, applying and using these resources. Our goal is to help bridge that gap by assembling information on a wide range of housing-related issues and programs conveniently located in a single library with a format that makes it easy for users to find what they need or discover something new.

To be clear, we have NO connection with or endorsement by any government agency. We provide information on many programs, their requirements, and the documents and information you will have to provide. To take advantage of these programs, you will need to contact the agencies concerned directly. We do not accept, review or assist directly with any applications for any government or private program.

Our team believes strongly that every American deserves safe, sound, affordable housing. Our mission is to help achieve that goal by developing a community of informed citizens who are aware of their rights and the full spectrum of options, benefits, and assistance potentially available to them.

We hope the information, articles and guides on our site are useful to you. If you have suggestions for better service or information or programs that you'd like to see covered, please contact us!