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Struggling to Pay Rent?

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The US Government Awards Billions In Housing Assistance Every Year

Don't Get Left Out In the Cold. Find Housing Help Now!

In 2017, the Federal Government authorized a HUD budget of $47 billion for the Fiscal Year, including $28 billion for public housing, and $11 billion for housing programs.[1]

Our help resources keep you informed about critical topics like:

  • Government Housing Assistance
  • Low-Income Home Loans
  • Grants For Housing
  • Help Info For Disabled, Seniors, Vets
  • Ways To Save Money On Rent & Utilities
  • Search Free Legal Aid Providers
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Housing Assistance Programs

Get the Information You Need

Learn about the eligibility requirements and application process for a variety of public and private housing assistance programs. Our extensive and helpful step-by-step guides provide some of the information necessary to get started.

Find Affordable Local Housing

Discover the Best Listings Sites

One of the most difficult parts of finding affordable housing is knowing where to look. We introduce our members to the best places to locate low-income housing on the Internet and how best to take advantage of these resources.

Get Help with Utility Bills

Don't let the cost of heating put you in the cold

Heating costs can be a major burden on family budgets, but there are government programs designed to assure that nobody has to go without heat because they can't pay the bill. Learn how to take full advantage of the resources that are designed to help you!

Deal with a Bad Landlord

Know your rights and make the right moves

Fall is here and winter is coming, and a leaky roof or a defective heating system can be a big problem. Landlords are required to make necessary repairs, and if they don't you have legal options. Learn how to assert your rights effectively and keep the law on your side!

Learn How To:

  • Find Affordable Housing
  • Get Help with Utility Bills
  • Deal with Problem Landlords

It's getting colder outside, but with the right knowledge your family can stay warm and comfortable!