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Food Stamps Unfunded with Government Shutdown

Government-funded food assistance programs are not receiving the funds they need! Learn how your SNAP food benefits, WIC, and other nutrition resources are being affected by this lengthy government shutdown.

The current budget crisis is jeopardizing America's poorest citizens. Elderly, disabled, and low-income families are being put further at risk with the government shutdown of food assistance programs. Before the crisis began, 40 million citizens related facing hunger regularly.[1] The United States Department of Agriculture, which offers SNAP food benefits, WIC, and other child and adult food care programs, is directly suffering from this stand-off. Millions of people who need money for groceries may not receive the funding they were promised.

SNAP Benefits
There are more than 45 million SNAP recipients, and 75% of all benefits go to families with children.[2] As of now, the USDA will continue to send out Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program funds, more commonly known as food stamps , to EBT cards for January and February.[3] Unfortunately, however, there are no resources beyond that, and those who need money for groceries will only have a limited number of private organizations to help. Food supplies may run dry quickly.

Hungry Children
13 million children in the US live in households that are considered food insecure, without access to basic minimum nutrition.[4] The USDA's Child Nutrition Programs report that they have almost depleted available resources and may not be able to provide food to hungry children. Government funds are available through February, but it is unclear what will happen after that.[5] School-aged children, infants and toddlers may go without access to milk, breakfast, lunch, and after-school snacks during the crisis. Vital nutrition they need to grow and thrive may not be available if the crisis lingers. Summer food programs may also suffer.

WIC Benefits
Women, Infants, and Children Programs have been providing no-cost assistance through government funding to the neediest and most vulnerable citizens, but nutrition and healthcare services have paused with the stand-off. WIC and other food programs, such as Commodity Supplemental Food Program, may not receive federal funding during the shutdown. Hopefully, additional State and local funding will be made available, however, it won't take long before those funds also run out.

Emergency Food Assistance
President Trump has threatened to continue the shutdown of government services for months or years.[6] It's imperative that you are prepared for times like now, when government assistance programs fail to help. Find local contact information and resources for food help and grocery assistance on our site. Explore the best options and local organizations and tips to survive a food crisis . Create a solid plan with trustworthy, well-researched, and up-to-date information for yourself and your loved ones.