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Free & Low Cost Legal Resource Database

Almost every American will face legal problems at some point, and legal costs can be a real problem for low income individuals and families. This easy to use database helps you to locate affordable or free legal services in your area.

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Lawsuits and legal actions are a part of modern American life, and almost everyone will at some point require the services of an attorney, whether to seek redress from a grievance or in defense against an action initiated by another. The US Constitution guarantees free legal representation in criminal cases, which is provided by public defenders, but finding affordable representation in civil cases can be difficult and time-consuming. Civil cases include many of the issues most frequently encountered by less privileged Americans, such as family law, landlord/tenant or other real estate disputes, credit and collection cases, discrimination cases, damage or liability claims, and many others.

Legal services can be expensive, but cost should never be a reason to deprive yourself of representation when you need it. If you need help in managing legal issues involving auto accidents, family law, criminal law, real estate law or any other legal problem, there are resources you can tap to get the help you need for free or at greatly reduced cost. We operate and maintain a database of dozens of agencies across the U.S. that provide free and low-cost legal advice to those seeking help and guidance. Many of these agencies offer both general legal aid and special services for immigrants and refugees, victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and much more.

You will need to choose the organization that is in the best position to serve your needs. When you review the list, take note of geographic constraints: many of the listed organizations provide service only within specified cities, counties, or regions within a state. Review the list of services provided and select the organization or organizations that seem most able to assist you.

Once you have a shortlist of potential organizations, go to their websites and look carefully at the information they provide. It will be easier for these organizations to evaluate your case and give you the help you need if you collect and organize all documents concerning your problem before you make contact. These organizations are sincerely dedicated to serving their clients, but they are often overworked and underfunded, and organized, helpful clients will often get the most effective assistance. If you are in a legal situation or think that you might be, never discard any document or communication that might be relevant to your case.

Laws are designed to serve and protect everyone, not just those with money, and there's no reason to allow yourself to be bullied or controlled by anyone just because they can afford a lawyer and you can't. If you know your rights and seek out the available resources, you can get a fair hearing.

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