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Public Housing Authorities

Local Housing Authorities are a key resource in the search for housing assistance, and a first stop in using almost every government program. This easily searchable database makes it easy for users to locate and contact their local Housing Authorities.

Find Your Local Housing Authority
Federal, state and local governments offer dozens of programs designed to assist and serve low-income homeowners, renters, and homeless people. Finding the right program, assembling the required documents, and working through the application process can be difficult, and many of the people who most need help do not get it simply because they are unaware of the help they are entitled to receive or unable to complete the needed process.

If you face a housing problem, and you think you may be qualified to receive assistance, the most important resource available to you will be your local housing authority. Many housing programs are locally administered, and the qualifications and preferences for these programs vary according to state and local laws and policies. Local housing authorities can provide more detailed help and advice than any national resource.

Make sure the housing authority you contact offers the program that interests you. Some housing authorities offer Section 8; some offer Low Rent Assistance, and some offer both. Avoid unnecessary delays by contacting the appropriate housing authority. If you are not sure what program meets your needs, consult the nearest Housing Authority and seek their advice.

Millions of Americans struggle to find safe, sound, and affordable housing. That struggle is a national problem recognized by federal, state, and local governments, and the housing assistance programs administered by local housing authorities are the tangible result of efforts to address the problem and provide help to those who need it. No American who needs help should be ashamed to take advantage of the programs that are intended to assist them. If you're one of the millions fighting to find and afford decent housing, start by consulting your local housing authority. You have nothing to lose and potentially a great deal to gain.

Low Income Housing Help has compiled a database of local housing authorities. To use the database, select your state from the drop-down menu below and click "go". You will then see a list of local housing authorities in that state. Look for the closest housing authority in your county or city.

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