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12 million Americans spend more than half of their income on housing, and many others are struggling to make rent or mortgage payments. If you are one of them, don't give up: there are dozens of government programs designed to help you.

Getting Started
The cost of housing is the single greatest financial burden on many American families, with tens of millions fighting to afford a decent place to live, or sometimes any place to live. A recent report states that a large percentage of renters and home owners in the U.S. now spend over 30% of their monthly income on their rent or mortgage payment. The same study estimates that residents in cities like New York, Miami and Los Angeles spend between 41%-50% of their total income on housing costs.[1] HUD itself estimates that 12 million renters and home owners spend more than 50% of their income on keeping a roof over their heads.[2] Family breadwinners are working long hours, balancing multiple jobs and sacrificing time with spouses and children just to pay for housing. Dealing with other necessities such as food, transportation, utilities and clothing can quickly become unmanageable.

These challenges have been recognized, and there are dozens of Federal, State and private assistance programs designed to help lower and moderate income Americans find affordable homes, pay rent, refinance mortgages, get relief on utility bills and more. Many Americans do not take full advantage of these benefits, often because they aren't aware of the programs or don't realize that they qualify. To use theses options effectively we must be aware of our options and develop a detailed understanding of what each program offers and the unique eligibility requirements and application processes. To assist you, we've assembled a wealth of information designed to serve as a comprehensive educational resource on a variety of important and timely low-income housing related subjects, all in one convenient library.

To help you easily find the information you're looking for, we have separated our resource library into three main sections; Housing Help, Voucher Programs and Home Financial. Below you will find summary information on each of these sections, as well as a short-list of their most viewed guides. A complete list of the articles in each section can be accessed from the drop-down menus at the top of this page or via the accordion menu [≡] on mobile.

We believe that every American is entitled to safe, healthy and affordable housing. We truly hope you find benefit from this site and learn more about potential options for help that may be available to you and your family.

Home Financial Articles & Guides
This section covers information on refinancing, loans, tips for credit score improvement and other creative ways of finding how to live on a tight budget.

Low Income Home Loans - FHA loans have become the most popular option for lower income individuals and families seeking to buy a house. Learn more about the program and its requirements.

Housing: Obama's Legacy and Trump's Plan – The new administration is expected to bring in radical policy changes. We look at how housing policy and low-income homeowners may be affected.

Rent-To-Own Options - Discover rent-to-own options. Instead of a monthly rent check, take steps towards owning the property.

HUD Homes Program - Learn more about the significant savings that are possible through the purchase of a HUD home. This program, in collaboration with the FHA, can assist qualified low-income Americans with lower down-payments and substantial purchase price discounts.

HARP Refinance Program - HARP is designed for homeowners who are up-to-date on mortgage payments but need relief from high interest or a loss of home value. Find out if HARP is right for you and your household.

Short Term Loan Options - Examine the pros and cons of immediate cash assistance programs and understand when a short-term loan is worth considering.

How To Improve Your Credit Score - Your credit score is a factor in acquiring low-income apartments and houses. Banks, lenders and landlords all review and make their decisions based on it. Learn how to improve your credit worthiness to give yourself the best shot at qualifying.

Bankruptcy Assistance Information - Bankruptcy is a serious matter with serious implications. Here we provide the basics on the different chapters of personal bankruptcy, what can and cannot be claimed, as well as a summary of the pros and cons to consider.

Renter's Insurance Information - Renter's insurance gives tenants the same protection that homeowners receive from their home insurance policies. If you rent and you have valuable possessions that you couldn't afford to replace, you should consider a renter's Insurance Policy.

Free / Low Cost Legal Aid - Find potential free / low cost legal aid providers in your area with this comprehensive, proprietary database resource.

Housing Help Articles & Guides
This section provides insight and information on the most common household help needs. If you're attempting to locate affordable and safe living options or are currently struggling with the threat of losing your home or apartment we offer this information for your review.

Housing Grant Programs - Review program details, eligibility information and application requirements for a variety of federal, state and private grant programs for low-income families and individuals.

Home Security on a Budget - Home security systems are often too expensive for those who need them most. Here are some budget-friendly security options to protect your home from crime.

How To Deal With Problematic Neighbors – Good neighbors can be a blessing, but bad ones don’t have to be a curse. Read these hints on how to prevent a bad situation from getting worse!

Make the Most Of a Small Living Space – Life in a small space doesn't have to be cramped and crowded. Check out these tips for making your small living space look and feel larger!

Springtime Home Buying Guide - Spring is in the air, and thoughts are turning to buying (and selling) houses. Check out these hints on how to get the best deals out of the seasonal uptick in housing market activity.

Dr Ben Carson, new HUD Secretary – The new Secretary of HUD carries with him a background of deep poverty and professional success, and a defined set of opinions on housing programs. Learn more about the man and his ideas here.

Emergency Winter Housing Guide - Homelessness is always hard, but when the winter cold sets in temporary shelter may become a necessity. Here's how to find it.

Manufactured Housing: Pros and Cons - Manufactured homes have improved dramatically over the last decade and offer a fast, affordable alternative to building on site. There are also some disadvantages, and you'll need to review both the pros and the cons before deciding whether a manufactured home is the right choice for you.

New 2016 Housing Assistance Laws - What It Means For You - In July 2016 the US Congress passed the first major new housing assistance legislation since 1998. The bill attracted broad support from both parties and is being praised as a significant reform providing easier access to a wider range of assistance. Here's what it means to you.

Bank Foreclosure Assistance - Learn about the bank foreclosure process and what you can do to protect yourself.

Bad Landlord Help & Assistance - Landlords are obligated by law to provide a safe and livable environment for their tenants. Learn more about these obligations and steps to take if the landlord refuses to make them.

Eviction Assistance - Learn about the eviction process and how to defend your rights. Get answers to common questions and information on available assistance resources.

How To Find Low-Income Housing - Knowing where and how to locate affordable residence options is a large part of the battle. In this article we provide a detailed list of the most reputable and popular online resources for doing exactly that.

Public Housing Program Information - Public housing is an affordable, clean and safe potential housing option for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and low income families. Learn more about the requirements as well as the pros and cons.

Housing Assistance for First Responders and Veterans - Veterans and first responders are acclaimed as American heroes, but often face real challenges in buying a home. Government agencies and private foundations are trying to fill the gap with programs designed to assist these deserving individuals.

Utility Bills (LIHEAP Info) - If you're struggling to pay heating or cooling bills you might consider a program called LIHEAP or HEAP (Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program). Get more details on the program, eligibility and process.

Free Weatherization Help - Winter means higher utility bills, an added burden on many renters and homeowners. In many homes, some basic repairs can significantly reduce heating costs. The Weatherization Assistance Program provides funds to help low income renters and homeowners make their homes more energy efficient.

Preparing Your Home For Winter - Winter can be a difficult season for homeowners, offering challenges ranging from burst pipes to soaring utility bills. You don't have to spend a fortune to prepare your house for the cold.

Voucher Programs Articles & Guides
Find guides on the different kinds of voucher and rural specific programs.

Section 8 Eligibility Guide - Learn about the eligibility requirements for the Housing Choice Voucher program. This guide explores the common issues associated with this form of assistance.

Section 8 Application Guide - A walk-through of the application process, the information you're required to provide, the review process, waiting list and renewal period, as well as common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Special Case Vouchers - View information on Section 8 for the Disabled, the Family Unification Program, and the Home Ownership Voucher Program.

Rural Programs - USDA Rural Development provides financial assistance through more than fifty programs. A few of these include low interest loans for purchase or repair of a home, rental assistance, and farm labor loans and grants.

Local Public Housing Authorities List (PHA) - Find your local HA contact information quickly. Learn if they provide voucher or low income rental assistance and get contact information to learn more about program offerings, applications and deadlines.

Authority Sites
Our goal is to assist you in your search for help with educational information on a wide variety of subjects all conveniently found in one place. However, we strongly suggest you visit HUD.gov to stay updated on the latest programs and their requirements. We also recommend searching for your state's specific website and contacting your local HA.

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